Detroit River Days 2015

I had the opportunity to go and support my friend Steve Tupper on the occasion of him Air Bossing his first big, proper air show, held as part of the Detroit River Days festival. This involved a very long, thin airshow box over the Detroit River, bounded on one side by skyscrapers and on the other by the Canadian border. Airplanes and boats! The US Coast Guard were awesome and provided marker boats for the center points, as well as chasing out boats making incursions into the sterile box area.


Performers included the Tuskegee National Heritage Museum's T-6 flown by Dr Brian Smith, and their three-ship of TG-7A motor gliders flown by John Harte, Mark French, and Chris Felton. Billy Werth flew his Pitts, Brett Hunter flew his MXS, Ron Staly flew his L-39 jet. The Canadians sent two Chipmunks and a Stearman. We also saw three Experimental aircraft; two Lancairs and a Glasair; two of which I've seen at SARL races :-) The Civil Air Patrol also made reconnaisance passes before the show started, to ensure the box was clear. On Saturday they used a Cessna 182, on Sunday they brought a Gipps Aero GA-8.


After the show on Sunday, Steve very kindly took me for a flight in one of the TG-7A aircraft :-) We flew lead in a two-ship formation for a while, allowing me to get pictures of Mike Nutt and John Harte on our wing, before Steve gave me an hour of flight instruction. The ink was barely dry on his shiny new CFI certificate and I am proud to be his first student!